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Accelerated Reader
Outdoor Education
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Grading Scale

A = 93-100
B = 85-92
C = 77-84
D = 70-76
F = 69 or below

Honor Roll

The following point system is used:

A+ = 12
A = 11
A- = 10
B+ = 9
B = 8
B- = 7
C+ = 6
C = 5
C- = 4
D+ = 3
D = 2
D- = 1
F = 0

High Honors: Students must receive 10.0 or higher
Honors: Students must receive 7.0 or higher
Ineligibility: If a D+ or less is received, the student is ineligible for the honor roll.

Subjects used for scoring: All subjects that are evaluated with an academic grade.

See the Activities Calendar for Progress Report and Report Card dates.

Homework Policy for Grades 4-8

Homework is due on the assigned due date. If it is turned in one day late, the maximum grade the student can receive is 70%. If it is turned in the next day, the student receives a zero.


All Catholic elementary school in the Diocese of Joliet administer THE IOWA TEST OF BASIC SKILLS (ITBS), Form C.  A positive approach to fall testing is that it measures longer-term learning. Another is that it allows the current year teacher to use the information instructionally for the remainder of the year. This data will help us continue to keep our curriculum challenging and aligned to the Standards. Our staff is extremely proactive in this endeavor offering our students the best in all curricular areas.  


Our curriculum includes Spanish.

Our school uses the Accelerated Reader program in grades 1-5.