“St. Irene provides a very important community function, particularly providing the faith-based education that many of our families want to give to their children. [It] is a vital contributor to the community of Warrenville , serving it in a variety of ways that support the total community. We value the work of St. Irene. We recognize the role it plays in establishing community values.”
Charles Baker, Acting Superintendent, CUSD 200

“The students we receive from St. Irene School are very well prepared academically, spiritually and socially for high school. We are privileged to have them here at Rosary.”
Sr. Patricia Burke, O.P. , Principal, Rosary High School

“Though [St. Irene School] is relatively small, it has done a remarkable job through the years of educating children in the faith, preparing them to receive the sacraments, and providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake successfully their secondary schooling. Here at Benet Academy, we have found the students from St. Irene to be well-prepared to meet the expectations of a rigorous academic curriculum. They typically come to us with a very good work ethic and a willingness to study and learn alongside their fellow classmates under the watchful care of their high school instructors. Clearly they have learned throughout their elementary and junior high years at St. Irene what it means to be active participants in their learning and to be part of a school community that values both knowledge and a strong sense of integrity.”
Rev. Jude Randall, OSB, President, Benet Academy
Stephen A Marth, Principal, Benet Academy
James E Brown, Assistant Principal, Benet Academy

“Over the last nineteen years, both as a Theology instructor and as an administrator – the last six as Headmaster – I have come to recognize the exceptional preparation that your community provides to the young men who have attended Marmion. Although, naturally, the young men has varying skills, interests and academic talents, all, in my memory, were focused and disciplined to achieve their very best. My point is simple: you and your staff should be very proud of your important work.”
John K. Milroy, Headmaster, Marmion Academy

“We find that students from St. Irene eagerly bring their knowledge, faith and talents to the St. Francis Community. The average Grade Point Average of a St. Irene Student is 3.187 on a 4.000 scale. It is our belief that the students who graduate from St. Irene are prepared to successfully continue their education in the daily presence of Jesus Christ.”
Thomas V. Bednar, President, St. Francis High School
Raeann Huhn, Principal, St. Francis High School

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