Inside the Classroom

A strong partnership between parents and teachers is the best foundation for learning.

Curriculum night (scheduled each year in mid-September) provides parents with the chance to meet their children’s teachers and understand what your child will learn, the teacher’s expectations for the year and how best to communicate.

Teachers in grades 4-8 also communicate with parents using TeacherEase.  Each parent with children in these grades is given a logon/password combination at the beginning of the school year.  This allows parents to see recent grades, learn about any missing assignments and send email to the teacher.

Want to meet our teachers?  Our classroom pages are here:


Preschool – Ms. Ellen Sieberlich

Kindergarten – Mrs. Michelle Simms

Grade 1 – Mrs. Molly Opal

Grade 2 – Mrs. Jean Simon

Grade 3 – Mrs. Barbara Houston

Grade 4 – Mrs. Jennifer Nigliaccio

Grade 5 – Ms. Sarah Gruneison

Grade 6 – Ms. Alison Field

Grade 7 – Mrs. Denise Kenealy

Grade 8 – Mrs. Jacqueline Reid