Grade 3 Curriculum

Third Grade Curriculum


The goal in third grade is to guide students as they develop a deeper relationship with God.

  • Structured lessons in class
  • Celebration of sacraments
  • Prayer time in class using a variety of Catholic practices


MacMillan/McGraw Hill is used to teach math. This program emphasizes problem-solving strategies, mental math, drill and independent learning practices. Many math games are incorporated into the day toencourage a positive attitude. Extension and enrichment activities are used weekly and Simple Solutions, a national program which creates strong competencies, is used daily.

Language Arts

This block of time consists of lessons designed to encourage mastery of spelling, handwriting, writing, grammar and language usage. Specific lessons are taught to engage students in learning to write expository, persuasive, narrative, and description pieces. Speaking and listening skills are emphasized.


Reading is taught emphasizing the five basic areas of importance: vocabulary, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and phonemic awareness.


Scott Foresman Science is utilized to introduce basic earth science concepts. Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science and the Human Body are the units covered. Hands-on activities are used. Students incorporate writing skills by preparing reports on various topics. Students are taken on field trips to connect concepts concerning science areas.

Social Studies

Communities is the title of their Scott Foresman publication. The third grade year covers historical communities including Colonial times and Native American tribes. Mapping skills are introduced and the students learn how to use primary sources when completing reports. Biographical characters are introduced and American Government is studied on a third grade level. Social Studies includes the use of several projects that enhance the learning of history and geography.


Students will begin to develop competency in the use of classroom computers to engage and enhance learning. United Streaming is used throughout the school as a source of information. Students are monitored as they learn to use the Internet in an academic setting. Keyboarding will be used along with programs designed to enrich the curriculum. max