Grade 4

Mrs. Jennifer Nigliaccio  — 4th grade

 St. Irene Fourth Grade


GETTING TO KNOW Mrs. Jennifer Nigliaccio

How many years have you taught? 6 years in fifth grade

Where did you go to school? Benedictine University

Tell us a little about yourself (pets, family, etc). I have been married for six years to Leo. We have a three year old, Dominic, and a newborn, Abigail. We live in Villa Park. We love to camp and play outside. For the last two years I ran Little Bit Home Daycare.


Food: Mexican or Italian

Book: Any form of fiction but preferably mysteries

Movie: Gone in 60 Seconds

Color: Purple

Sports team: Da Bears!

TV Show: Bones

Who was your favorite teacher and why? Mr. Kalas for my freshmen and sophomore year of high school. He was funny and smart. Every student felt welcomed. He was passionate about the subject he taught. Also, his room was always open after school for those of us who had to wait around for a ride so we could work on our homework. He also planned fun field trips to different plays as an after school activity.

What was your favorite subject? History

If you could be any animal, what would you be? Cat

Why are you excited about this year at St. Irene School? After two years being outside of the classroom, I am very eager to have a class and get back to teaching.

What are three words that best describe you? Organized, creative, dedicated

Do you have a secret talent?  What is it? My husband and I enjoy swing dancing.  I have no rhythm but can dance O.K. if I have a good partner.

You have a whole day to yourself – what would you do? Read and sleep max