Grade 5 Curriculum

Grade 5 Curriculum


Blest Are We

Students will be learning about the Sacraments this year, as well as studying the scriptures and developing their own prayers.

Students will be required to recite the Apostles Creed, 10 Commandments, and 7 Beatitudes this year. I encourage you to start practicing with them at home.

Students will also be required to complete 15 service hours; 5 each trimester.


Glencoe Mathematics

Students will learn problem solving skills by working with graphs, decimals, fractions, and percents. Your students will also begin exploring geometry and algebra this year.

If you need extra practice for these concepts, visit for games, quizzes, and practice sheets.


Scott Foresman

Students will learn the following skills in reading: sequencing, vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, research skills, character, setting, dictionary skills, generalizing, cause and effect, main idea, supporting details and much more.

Students will be required to earn points for Accelerated Reader and will also have the opportunity to join in other reading programs throughout the year.


Everyday Spelling

Each week the students will have a pre-test on Monday and usually their final test on Friday. Throughout the week, we will reinforce the learning with games and activities to practice the words. Students are also required to independently complete spelling homework assigned to them.

Loyola Press

In English, students will learn the following skills: sentence structure, nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, sentence diagramming, and writing skills.

The 6+1 Writing Traits program is a daily part of our writing schedule. The program will teach students the skills for writing, including how to write a Narrative, Persuasive, and Expository paper. The students will learn essential skills for entering the Jr. High.


Scott Foresman

Students will learn about Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science through class labs, discussions, homework assignments, and demonstrations.
Social Studies

Scott Foresman

In Social Studies, the students will be learning about the rich history of the United States, starting with the early Native American Tribes, progressing through the early settlers and concluding with the present day. During the year, the students will participate in various projects that are sure to make history come alive!

Music and Fine Arts

Students will be attending art class once a week.

The students that choose to take band will be meeting with Ms. Shefke in the church once a week during the school day to practice their instruments. Students are responsible for completing any in class work that they may miss during band practice time.


Our fifth graders also participate in the DARE program with Officer Scott Reid and attend Outdoor Ed in Mukwanago, Wisconsin. max