Science Fair

Science Fair Coordinator – Denise Kenealy

Each year, our 7th and 8th graders participate in the annual science fair.  Our school science fair is held in late January, and we regularly send students to compete regionally and at the state competition.  St. Irene School has an impressive legacy of excellence at science fair — in 2012,  our school received the prestigious Dr. Lyell J. Thomas Memorial Award for Supporting Outstanding Student Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at the state competition, with 5 students receiving gold awards.

All documents needed to complete the science fair project are available on TeacherEase in your student’s Digital Locker.

All questions can be answered using the Illinois Junior Academy of Science website, but here’s a brief overview:

Choosing a Topic:

  1.  Go to the website and look at the left side of the screen and click on Regional Information – we are Region 11, Joliet Area Non-Public Schools.
  2. Click on Students found near the top of the screen.
  3. On the left side – click on categories and read the different category summaries to determine which one interests you.
  4. Be sure that when you are choosing a topic/experiment that the data collected will be numerical in nature – not a yes/no response.
  5. You may look up experiments that have been done previously using either books or the internet – your experiment does not have to be original, but make sure that whatever topic you choose is interesting to you.


  1.  You will need at least 6 sources of research – 3 internet/3 non-internet.
  2. You may not use any form of Wikipedia or another similar website.  Preferable websites are from online journals, and colleges .
  3. You may use 1 encyclopedia for your non-internet sources, but try to find more scientific sources.


  1.  Your research should be scientific in nature – not a history of your topic.  A little history is fine, but you should be thinking about what is the science behind your topic.
  2. As you are collecting your sources, print out all internet sources.
  3. Create your bibliography as you are collecting your sources using  Do not wait until the end of the project to write your bibliography because you might lose your source or not remember where you got your information. max