Preschool Sample Unit

Here is a sample of the kind of exploration and learning we do in our Joyous Learning Preschool at St. Irene. 

From Lemons to Lemonade:  Each of the units we explore focuses on cross-curricular goals.  Last week, our class focused on learning with lemons.  Science was incorporated in our observations of a lemon by using our five senses of how it looks, feels, smells, tastes, and sounds.  We recorded our observations using descriptive language skills.

Our big buddies helped us with an art activity that portrayed each student drinking a glass of lemonade.  They had great fun while enhancing their fine-motor skills and creativity through cutting, gluing, coloring, and designing their masterpieces.  As a class, we made three different kinds of lemonade: pink lemonade, Country Time lemonade, and fresh-squeezed lemonade.  Students took turns measuring and adding ingredients, stirring, and squeezing lemons.  After trying a sample of each lemonade, we made a graph of preferences and then made comparisons.

You may have heard about our classroom lemonade stand.  Through dramatic play of making, buying and selling lemonade, the students practiced their manners, took turns, and enhanced their social skills.  On Friday, we will end our unit by sequencing picture clues in the order that lemonade is made and by having a real lemonade stand in our classroom.

Religion:  In Religion we are recognizing how God made each of us special.  We also practice making the Sign of the Cross daily.  Please help your child make the Sign of the Cross at home as well.  Before snack each morning, we say grace.  The prayer we are learning is: Bless us, oh Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from thy bounty, through Christ our Lord, Amen.  Prior to going home each morning we say: “Thank you Jesus for this day, bless us on the rest of our way. Amen.” max