Student Ministry

First and foremost, St. Irene School is a Catholic, service-learning school.  We encourage and expect our students to live their faith and integrate it into everything they do.

We demonstrate this faith in many activities:

  • Weekly Mass and adoration for all grades, and periodic opportunities for reconciliation.
  • Daily prayer as a whole school, and as a class for special intentions, prayer before meals, closing prayer, etc.
  • Service projects as individuals, classes (with buddies), whole-school and as part of our parish ministries.
  • Daily religion curriculum
  • Volunteering as altar servers (grades 4-8)
  • Sacramental preparation in grades 1,2,7 and 8
  • Service hour requirements in grades 4-8

Each class works with their teacher and Father Jim to prepare the weekly school liturgies.  Students actively study scriptures to identify a theme, prepare intentions, and participate fully in the mass, through readings, bringing up the gifts and carrying our their task for the week. max